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Aug 23, 2010

Ghost Town Legend

WARNING! There was a gunman loose at this place! It's probably not advised to be checking this place out at night. The world is filled with too many odd people. Like we always say..."there's more to fear from the living than the dead!." Read about the shooter at this link.
Pere Cheney, now a ghost town not found on any map, was once a small lumbering town in Crawford County, west of Grayling. Pronounced “pair-a-shaney", the town got its start in 1870 when lumbermen following the railroads set up camp. Soon, the town had a school, grocery store, post office and much more. Thirty years later, the timber industry in the area moved on and the area didn’t offer much in the way of supporting a thriving town. In the early 1900’s, only eighteen people were living in Pere Cheney. It was declared a ghost town in 1913-14. The only remnants left of this town are a small cemetery and some old holes in the ground where buildings once stood. Sicknesses such as scarlet fever and smallpox took the lives of many people, including children, during the few decades Pere Cheney was in existence. This fact has given fuel to the legends of Pere Cheney.
Over the years, vandals ruined what was left of the town. According to the book “Ghost Towns of Michigan,” as a teenager, a Crawford County sheriff vandalized the cemetery and was said to have driven around with “a human skull in the back window of his car”as a teen.
Pere Cheney Legends and Ghost Stories
No ghost town is short on actual ghost stories. One Pere Cheney legend says a witch lived in the town and was hung in a big oak tree in the cemetery where she is buried under. People say she wasn’t a witch, but a woman who had a child out of wedlock.
Some say the town was cursed from the start because it was built on Native American land or the classic, “a witch cursed it!” is another popular reason. In an online posting I found, one person stated, “There are no witches buried at Pere Cheney. The townspeople would not have buried her in the town graveyard. (Hah! I love this little quip. It’s so matter-of-fact.)
Everything that’s paranormal has been reported coming out of Pere Cheney. I think a large part of this is because Pere Cheney is remote, spooky, been heavily vandalized over the years and is also the last remaining piece of a ghost town. It has all the classic elements that make up some good breeding grounds for legends!
Throughout the years, I’ve heard tons of stories about Pere Cheney. People have reported all the usual paranormal occurances such as cold spots, apparitions, disembodied voices, ghost trains and everything else under the sun. So is Pere Cheney really haunted? Being that the ghost town is the perfect breeding ground for legends, most of the stories circulating are nothing more than urban legend and over active imaginations…but you never know. You’ll have to visit Pere Cheney to find out for yourself.

Aug 20, 2010

Horror movies based on Reality

Psycho (1960)

Psycho© Universal

t the rest of his life in a mental institution.

The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist© Warner Bros.
ral as was portrayed in the film.

Jaws (1975)

Jaws© Universal

Audrey Rose (1977)

Audrey Rose© MGM

led to the author's personal belief in reincarnation.

The Entity© 20th Century Fo
hen Moran moved.

Dead Ringers (1988)

Dead Ringers© 20th Century Fox

Gothic (1986)

Gothic© Lionsgate

May 12, 2010

May 4, 2010

Apr 29, 2010

Cabin 28

I do not know why but most people have a certain thing about the unknown. Whether it is the unknowns of life, death, UFOs, murders or legends, some people just have to know the story and try and figure out the outcome. In part one of this series, I will write about some cases that have unknown endings. Some will be frightening, some will be brutal and some might even seem funny but all are true stories.

The Town of Keddie

Very few people know or have ever been in Keddie in Northern California. It has always been a very small and quiet place. This is even truer since in a census taken in 2000, only 96 people lived in Keddie. There used to be much more, but since 1981, it has become a ghost town. A terrible event happened in April of that year that has changed the little town forever and has left many questions unanswered. It has even given this town some unwanted and morbid tourists.

Cabin 28

On the morning of April 12, Sheila Sharp came back at her cabin at around 9 a.m. The cabin where she was the night before was not even 15 feet away from her own.
She walked in the front door as she usually did not knowing what had happened. What she was going to see probably still traumatizes her to this day. Directly inside she saw her brother John Sharp and his friend Dana Wingate. Both were bound hand and foot, stabbed and hammered to death. There was blood on every inch of the cabin. The walls had cuts on them and the furniture was busted open. She looked around and then saw on the blood soaked couch, her mother lying there. She was also killed the same way. What is strange though is that here two younger brothers and a friend of theirs were found in the back bedroom untouched. However, that was not it since her little sister Tina was missing.
Read more in ParanormalOn April 11 1981, at the Keddie resort three horrible murders were committed in Cabin 28. Glenna Sharp, 36, her 15-year-old son John and 17-year-old family friend Dana Wingate were bludgeoned and stabbed by assailants still unidentified. Sharp’s 13-year-old daughter Tina was missing from the scene when 14-year-old Sheila Sharp discovered the bodies the following morning. Sheila had been spending the night with a friend. Glenna Sharp’s two youngest boys and another boy, toddlers at the time, had been spared and were found safe in another room of the cabin. Ultimately, Tina Sharp’s remains were discovered 3 years later when a bottle digger found parts of her remains 95 miles away near a waterfall.

Since the cabins were all, so close together it would be pretty much impossible that no noise was made that night. However, no one seemed to hear anything that night. In the years following the murders, the Keddie Resort fell into disrepair and most buildings were condemned. Many around the area talked of the cabin being haunted. To this day, the case remains unsolved.
Over the next decade or so, it rotted into a refuge for squatters and hobos, and the county condemned most of the buildings. However, in the past few years long-time owner Gary Mollath has gone on a furious restoration campaign that has the old resort looking pretty much as it did in 1981 — sans people.
He rented out a couple of the best cabins, and says he hopes to rehab the rest enough to reopen in a year.
First there is Cabin #28 — dubbed “The Murder House” by locals — to contend with.
The condemned building’s yellow-and-white paint is flaking, doors are nailed shut and most windows are covered with plywood. Bums and kids have often broken in for kicks, but by several accounts, they all flee in a hurry.
“That house has been such a negative point for so long that I intend to tear it down and put a park there,” Mollath said. “Then I’m going to open this place back up and cater to groups — with people traveling closer to home now, I think the timing will be just right.
“I want people to come and say, “Wow!” when we start up again. Not be scared.”
He did indeed keep his word. In 2004, the famous Cabin 28 was torn down. There is no more cabin there but people all over still wonder what happened that sad night in April.
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